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love graffiti dancing in the streets
21 August 2017 @ 11:18 pm

Every moment with you is like a dream, an unexpected one.

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love graffiti dancing in the streets
06 May 2016 @ 12:33 pm
warning these shots are huge, i need to get my photo thing working on my laptop to downsize a bit more....
weddingphoto1my bro looking dapper
weddingphoto2rachelle's dads so cute, bless. dads and weddings are the cutest thing
weddingphoto3leon playing with his shade...
weddingphoto4Leon off to take the box up.

this is Rachelle here, this photo and her personality, lovely. always laughing.
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love graffiti dancing in the streets
14 April 2016 @ 02:39 pm

Heavy on the base lines, distortion and imagery. Looking forward to the new album/film magic.
Such a strong storyteller/magician that explores so much.
love graffiti dancing in the streets
14 September 2015 @ 08:28 pm
When I saw this after Ruby's fashion show not long ago I just was in lust. Now if only I had the money. Saving for holiday...
love graffiti dancing in the streets
13 May 2015 @ 08:29 am
what else do we have to believe in but nothing?
you have to believe in disney's rule of the universe. "have courage and be kind" no matter what they do to you. that it will end up right. everyone will get their just desserts. when you secretly know deep down inside that is not the case.
but youve got to try to believe in something.
or you have nothing.
and when you have nothing, you become them. and you may survive. but what kind of survival is that?

define yourself by WHAT you are. not WHAT YOU ARENT.
these days so many people fussing over what they are not. concentrating on the people against them.
and they arent even thinking about what they are.
if they did do you think the world will be closer to dreams?
spend more time thinking about who you are and embracing that.
not all the what you are nots...
love graffiti dancing in the streets
10 May 2015 @ 03:19 pm

I had the best mothers day honestly. I woke up to a cute card, and some earrings from my lads.


diamonds are a girls best friend!

Then Adrian made some delicious smelling quiches in the oven and loaded the bikes on top of his work pick up and we were off! We parked in Kohi (Kohimara for non-Aucklanders).  and unloaded the car and got our bikes sorted quickly for a bike along the bays. It was so lovely and Leon loved it too. I used to love roller-skating along the bays, and I love biking too. I honestly haven't used my dream bike enough. Yes, I own my dream bike. I'm a lucky lady.



Pedal to the metal or however that saying goes (I’ve always been bad at sayings). It is so great along the bays at is so safe (you don't have to cross roads) and there are lots of people out walking, or biking and sometimes even roller-skating ! There is a special lane for biking. In this photo I am overtaking Adrian aka not in the lane, clearly a rebel.


Cutest biking buddy ever. And he has the cutest helmet with robots all over.


The world looks better from a bike I tell you!


And I get a little snap of them when I ride past – Leon is all ready…the little cheeky monkey!


City in the background, its an obligatory pic.


Eating our yummy food. We matched it with some villa maria wine (Adrian is taking me there in 2 Saturdays time! A lingering mothers day surprise…they are the best. The last time I was there I was pregnant and could only take a sip of Adrian’s wine even if there is yummy food there too it will be fab to do BOTH!) and some choc cookies I made the other day. Anyway we were cheersing! Leon was cheersing, we are scared he will break our glasses one day but today he was gentle. It was very cute. Then it got funny when he cheers me with his quiche...

Leon doesnt like tomatoes at all which is clearly illustrated by this picture…there is a better photo of his screwed of face, but in it I have a face fill of pie too…its like our blooper.


& what a view we have!


Crumbs are everywhere…


Then clearly it was time for sand between the toes time, aint nothing like it!


He found an abandoned spade that some kids must have left behind and went to work. His cuteness kills me. I gave him a shell to show him, he looked at it, took it off me and then he started using this itty bitty shell as a spade! haha so funny. Priceless memories xox.

love graffiti dancing in the streets
06 January 2015 @ 08:49 am
love graffiti dancing in the streets
20 November 2014 @ 04:08 pm
I finally got on to working out imovie crap on my compu and then editing the videos (2) one of which flips the wrong way half way through of Leon smashing his cake. Well I should say we did it as a team (I knew some stuff, Adrian other) together us amatuers got it done. I also have a prob with a lot of my videos on this compu. They wont load so I think I will have to go back on an old backup and rebuild. But I downloaded a few vids onto my youtube of Leon. My faves are the smash cake, Mummy kisses & poking out tongue lads!

So here is the epic cake smash, please ignore my goofiness:

Also note: Mockingjay ST (Hunger games) has Bat for Lashes, Chvrches and Lorde OMG. Who designed this ST? Awesome. Cant wait to see the next movie. Hopefully next week Lil will have the lil man one evening.
Current Music: Get Away - Chvrches
love graffiti dancing in the streets
29 October 2014 @ 10:58 am
Adrian always gets up at quarter past 6, while I stay in bed. He gets ready for work then he gets the terror up. The terror goes and has his bottle while i fight getting up :P. Adrian brings him in when the terror has finished his bottle and this morning he crawled up on the bed, went for my hanging photos over the bed. Thought again. Looked down and dove on to me giving a slobberly kiss. awww

the love is abusive and assaultive, but its all his emotions thrown out there. totally Leon.
love graffiti dancing in the streets
09 October 2014 @ 06:13 pm
Retina coming off according to istore. Ive just passed the warranty but guy at applecare said they would sort it. Fingers crossed! This is jsut from cleaning with the cloth it came with thats a teeny damp (as recommended) since its started to creep on the screen I freaked out and decided to take it in. I just assumed it was like condensation or something, like somehow it got moisture in there. But no its actually missing retina! Its damaged all the way around like this.